Locking Messages

Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 00:08:00 EST 2006

  It is me again.  I have a stack (Which I will call Stack 1) that
makes another stack (I will call it Stack 2), copies a card from some
other stack running in the background (which I call Stack 3) and sends
the new stack with the copied card all over the network where it is
added to whatever stack sees it.  The problem is that sometimes the
card on Stack 2 has unexpected handler in it that cause random errors
when I am working with it.  I realize I can lock the messages, but
that locks the messages for the Stack 1 also, which I cannot do.  Is
there any way of keeping messages from being passed to Stack 2,
without locking the messages from Stack 1?


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