The End of Dreamcard?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Fri Mar 3 21:46:28 EST 2006

At 3:08 PM +0000 3/3/06, Runtime Revolution Ltd wrote:

>We wrote to you previously to let you know that with the release of
>2.7, Runtime Revolution is no longer selling Dreamcard to new

Derrr... Sorry, I just don't get it. Three possibilities occur to me.

--the Product Previously Known as Dreamcard is getting a new name and 
a makeover.

--There is going to be some change in the upgrade path, so that 
Dreamcard users are going to have to purchase new licenses at some 

--Runtime Revolution has decided not to sell the stripped down 
version of their flagship product anymore, so Dreamcard is being 
discontinued. Users who want to continue playing will have to upgrade 
to Revolution Studio.

The website seems to suggest the latter interpretation. But then 
again, it seems possible that Dreamcard has been renamed "Revolution 

I'm wondering if RR has decided to abandon the nonprofessional 
self-taught end users like me -- the kind of people who taught 
themselves hyperCard 20 years ago. Maybe there are too few of us to 
make the product commercially viable.

Anyway, somebody please clue me.


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