Truncating text with vGrid property

Mark Schonewille europe at
Fri Mar 3 18:16:27 EST 2006


Sorry, my previous post was incomplete.

Have you set the cell editing of the table to true? I.e.
cRevTable["celledit"] = true? If so, the text should be truncated.

Additionally, you seem to have to set the locktext to true to 
have the columns truncated, but it only works after you edit the 
text and then not always/immediately.



> Jon Seymour wrote:
>> The Rev documentation states that
>> If the  vgrid property is true, Revolution draws a vertical line at  
>> each tab stop position in the field. The lines are drawn in the  
>> field's borderColor. This property is useful for fields that are used  
>> like a spreadsheet, with each tab stop marking a column.
> <snip>
>  Specifically, the
>> text is NOT truncated, but simply continues to be  rendered in 
>> addition to (overalpping) the text in the adjacent  columns, creating 
>> an extremely messy presentation. Does anyone have  any thoughts on how 
>> to produce the documented behavior?
>> Thanks,
>> Jon


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