Truncating text with vGrid property

Jonathan Lynch jonathandlynch at
Fri Mar 3 15:05:36 EST 2006

I have a pseudo field object. It is a group that contains rows and fields.
It works very much like you would expect a table to work, allows for
inserting columns and rows, easily moving columns and rows, etc...

All the scripting and object involved can be a bit memory intensive, so if
you need something for storing several megabytes of information, my table
object would not work for you. However, if you need it as a user interface,
it would probably work quite well. I use modified versions of this table
object extensively throughout Task Mage.

So, if you want it, just let me know and I will Email it to you.

Take care,


On 3/3/06, Jon Seymour <jonseymour at> wrote:
> The Rev documentation states that
> If the  vgrid property is true, Revolution draws a vertical line at
> each tab stop position in the field. The lines are drawn in the
> field's borderColor. This property is useful for fields that are used
> like a spreadsheet, with each tab stop marking a column.
> Any text in a column is truncated when it reaches the right edge of
> the column. To show the entire contents of the column, drag over the
> text to select it. If text at the end of a line does not have a tab
> following it--that is, if it's the last column in the field--it is
> not truncated.
> If the field's tabStops property is set to empty, the vgrid lines are
> drawn every 32 pixels, but the text is not truncated to individual
> cells.
> However, despite having tabstops set, vGrid set to true, and seeing
> the actual vertical lines drawn just fine, I observe a different
> behavior with the text on both Mac OSX and Win32 platforms.
> Specifically, the text is NOT truncated, but simply continues to be
> rendered in addition to (overalpping) the text in the adjacent
> columns, creating an extremely messy presentation. Does anyone have
> any thoughts on how to produce the documented behavior?
> Thanks,
> Jon
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