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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Mar 2 15:46:04 EST 2006

Chris Sheffield wrote:
> Hi Jacque,
> Thanks for the suggestions.  Unfortunately the menu group of both  
> stacks does have the backgroundBehavior set to true.

So much for that theory.

> I've done a little more investigating and this is what I've found.   
> When the second stack first opens, it is not even getting set as the  
> topStack or the defaultStack.  So unfortunately your workaround  doesn't 
> even work.  I've even tried setting it to the defaultStack  explicitly 
> without success.  I've found that once I click on my File  menu (just to 
> activate the menu, but not actually click Quit) then  the topStack and 
> defaultStack are set correctly, which would explain  why ctrl-Q works at 
> this point.  So there is definitely something  strange going on.  This 
> behavior occurs both in the Rev IDE and in a  built standalone.
> Can you, or anyone else for that matter, think of any reason why  
> topStack and defaultStack would not get set correctly?  What's  strange 
> is I have another stack that opens the same way and it works  just 
> fine.  I've compared the properties between the two stacks,  their menu 
> groups, and even the File button within their menu groups  to see if 
> anything is different.  Everything is the same other than  things like 
> the layers of the objects.
> Any other ideas?  This one has me stumped, but I figure it's got to  be 
> something I've done because the other stack does work like I said.

Some things to check: Is the misbehaving stack opened as modeless or any 
mode other than toplevel? That could affect the message hierarchy. Are 
there any "go" commands in your scripts issued after the stack opens? 
That could change the topstack. Did you try setting the topstack rather 
than the defaultstack ("toplevel 'mystack'")?

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