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Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Mar 2 04:30:45 EST 2006

Buongirono Benjamin,

> hello!
> I exported a PowerPoint presentation
> of an educational slideshow which
> I imported to Revolution but I can't
> find the proper scripts to
> Play the Quicktime frame by frame.
> I want to create 3 buttons:
> BTN1: Play next frame and stop
> BTN2:Play previous frame and Stop
> BTN3:Rewind quicktime to frame 1
> Have anyone done that? any help?

I have not done this (yet) but you can use Trevor De Vores extermely
wonderful "Enhanced QuickTime External" to retrieve the necessary
informations to do what Peter T. Evenson kindly suggested :-)

Get it here:

Although it is 1.0.0 b8 it works very fine!

For 1. and 2. you can use:

qtGetMovieFileDuration( )

which returns something like this for a movie:
76800,600 = the number of frames in QT timescale, the QT timescale of  
the movie

qtgettrackframecount( )  = the number of frames in the movie

Then you can calculate the info about how much you will have to add/ 
to/from "the currentTime of player xyz" to step frame by frame.

set the currentTime of player xyz to 0
## The first frame in a movie = 0

Hope that helps.

> Thanks!
> Ben


Klaus Major
klaus at

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