Counting Chars By ASCII Part 2

Todd Geist tg.lists at
Wed Mar 1 23:05:31 EST 2006

Sorry for not getting back to answer questions.

I am moving my office and I cut the tip of my index finger off.  Just  
a little bit of the tip. But it makes typing very difficult  :>)

Here are the answers to a couple of questions...

My script can do 25 mb in a minute or two, but I had not been using  
unicode set to true, which I will need to do.

I want to display the list of these bad characters, then I will want  
to remove them.

I am not sure if I need to deal with character higher then 255.  I am  
trying to clean potentially corrupt data from database records.  I  
think chars greater then 255 will be possible, and bad. So If they  
are there I want to zap them.

Thanks for all the help




Todd Geist
g e i s t   i n t e r a c t i v e

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