strange menu behavior

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Mar 1 22:07:31 EST 2006

> I've got an application that uses a splash screen method.  The main
> stack opens and the user has to enter his password to continue.  This
> main stack has its own menu, which includes File -> Quit with Ctrl-Q
> set as the shortcut.  After entering a password and logging in
> successfully, another stack opens.  This stack has its own menu,
> which also includes File -> Quit with Ctrl-Q as its shortcut.  When
> hitting ctrl-Q from this second stack, it should close the stack and
> return to the main login screen.  Unfortunately, it's exiting the
> application completely.  I believe what's happening is hitting ctrl-Q
> in the second stack is triggering the menu item in the first stack,
> which *is* supposed to exit the application completely.  I've found
> that if I access the menu in the second stack by just clicking File,
> then ctrl-Q works correctly. It's almost as if the menu in the second
> stack is not loading or coming to the front or whatever until it is
> accessed in some way with an actual click of the mouse.

This doesn't really answer your problem, but as a user-interface
issue, if I selected Quit or pressed Ctrl-Q, I would expect the app to
quit. Anything else would feel wrong. How about having a "Logout" menu
item instead as this would seem to be a better indication of the
function of that particular menu item?


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