Paypal Solution?

David Lewis dave2245 at
Wed Mar 1 18:43:04 EST 2006

no intersted do not sell anthing

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>Subject: Re: Paypal Solution?
>Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 00:31:13 +0100
>Hi Ben,
>If your main goal is to sell something, you might want to have a look at 
>the Salery web store software at It 
>creates web pages for all products in the store with on every page a PayPal 
>button for that particular product.
>benjamin pastrana wrote:
>>I read about the Altuit software that
>>incorporates Paypal with revolution
>>but I wonder if there is any other
>>as a component and not as part of
>>a whole system.
>>I would like to create a stack with
>>some articles to sell and have a
>>paypal button to process the payment.
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