Recovering a corrupt file

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Mar 1 16:04:22 EST 2006

Marty Billingsley wrote:
> Hi --
> Any hints on recovering a corrupted Rev file?  We're using 2.6 on Mac OS
> 10.4.3 and saving files to a Sun workstation that emulates a Mac server by
> using a program called xinet.  Anyway, when a student's quota is exceeded
> on the server, there is no error message when his RR stack is saved;
> however it is corrupt when the student tries to open the stack the next
> day.  By corrupt, I mean that RR won't even begin to open it.
> One of my students just lost a couple of weeks of work. I can use vi or
> emacs to directly edit the RR file if I know what to go and fix.  Any
> pointers to documentation that might help me?

I haven't checked in a long time, but the last time I asked about this I 
was told that you can't edit a stack file in a text editor, because then 
the checksum won't match.

Is there a second file on the server that starts with a tilde(~)? That 
would be the original backup copy that Rev makes before saving. In that 
case, all you have to do is remove the tilde from the file name and the 
old copy will be restored. You'll lose all the changes since the last 
save, but at least your student will have the original back.

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