implementing a search function

FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Wed Mar 1 11:46:13 EST 2006

I use this to progressively auto-fill from a defined list...

Script  for Field or Combo-button...

on keyup k
put word 2 of the  selectedChunk into temp
put the num of words of char 1 to temp of me  into w
put lineoffset(CR& word w of me, CR& fld "wordList")  into n
get line n of fld "wordList"
if it <>"" then  put it into word w of me
-- Select current word offset
put  the num of chars of word 1 to w of me into w
select char (temp) to w  of me
end keyup

Maybe I should put it in the Scripter's Scrapbook.


> On 2/28/06 11:55 PM, "N Cueto" <nicolas_cueto at>  wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I'd like to make a  search function
>> similar to the one for the Rev docs,
>>  i.e., as letter by letter is typed
>> in the "search" field, the  indexed
>> list automatically jumps to the
>> corresponding  alphabetical location.

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