Accelerator key navigation & Win XP

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Mar 1 01:11:54 EST 2006

Judy Perry wrote:
> Hello,
> One of my students just asked me about this strange behavior and I told
> him I'd ask all of you.
> He's on XP and trying to use the accelerator-key navigation funtionality
> from the View -> Go First, Go Previous, Go last...
> He says that it will work a few times, then stop working and lock up; he
> says further that sometimes he can get out of this state by first clicking
> on the single-line icon in the message box, then the multiple-line icon,
> then again the single-line icon, but sometimes that doesn't even work.
> He's using I believe XP and Rev 2.7.
> Does this ring any bells anywhere?

I haven't heard of this particular one, but it sounds a little like the 
Command-key dropout that happens sometimes with Cmd/Ctrl-C and 
Cmd/Ctrl-V, etc. Sometimes these menu shortcuts just stop being 
recognized. The student's clever use of the message box to get 
functionality back should  be worth some extra credit I think, because 
most people just relaunch Rev to get it working again.

This has been happening forever and ever to some people, some of the 
time, for some of the versions, under circumstances that no one can 
repeat reliably, depending on something no one can identify. That's all 
anyone knows about it.

If he can come up with a reliable recipe...

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