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Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at Cox.Net
Sun Dec 31 18:36:19 EST 2006

Hi Steve,

First of all, you don't want to be doing this every year. I, also,  
wrote a series of stacks used for Invoicing and Statements back in  
1987 using HyperCard. These stacks were used for about 15 years and I  
never had to touch the scripting because I did not "hardwire" the  
date information. You can do the same using Revolution. Just look up  
"the date" in the Documentation Dictionary and you should  come away  
with everything you need.


Joe Wilkins

On Dec 31, 2006, at 2:42 PM, Stgoldberg at wrote:

> I've used Revolution to create an invoice program consisting of a  
> Main stack
> and several substacks in which all the stacks   contain "2006" as  
> the last
> word of their names.   Now, for 2007, I want to change all the  
> times "2006"
> appears in the stack names and scripts to "2007".   I've done this  
> successfully but
> have some questions I don't understand about the process:
> a. I opened "Find and Replace..." from the Edit menu", typed in  
> "2006 in the
> "Find" field and checked off "Name" and "Script", since these are  
> the places
> where "2006" appears. While in the Main stack, I chose the search  
> process to
> occur in "This stack file and its stack files", then clicked  
> "Find", which came
> up with some "337 objects found"
> b.   I then typed in "2007" into the "Replace with" field, clicked on
> "Replace in All"
> c. Interestingly, the program found and replaced "2006" a number of  
> times but
> not all of them.   I had to repeat the process about 6 times in  
> order to
> replace all the instances of "2006".   My questions are as follows:
> A.   What is the "Find" program doing that requires 6 passes  
> through the
> entire procedure to get all the words?
> B. What is the difference between selecting "This stack file"  
> versus "This
> stack" and "This stack file and its stack files"?   I presume that  
> "This stack
> file and its stack files" refers to this stack and its substacks.    
> What is the
> difference between a stack file and a stack?
> "Find and Replace" seems to be doing its job, but I'd just like to
> understand the process a little better.   Thanks.
> Steve Goldberg
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