Unusual Problem

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at Cox.Net
Sat Dec 30 22:50:32 EST 2006

Hi Charles,

I think your problem lies in the fact that you have not set the item  
delimeter to "/"; hence there is only one item in tDate as a result  
of putting the short date into tDate. Do that and I suspect your  
program will work as you'd like it to.

Joe Wilkins

On Dec 30, 2006, at 4:17 PM, Charles Szasz wrote:

> I am still having an unusual problem with setting the value of  
> three menu option buttons. In the preOpenStack, I have a script  
> which sets the value of three menu option buttons, optionMenu  
> (system date for the year), optionMenu2 (system date for the month)  
> and optionMenu3 (system date for the day) when the first screen is  
> presented to the user.
> I have three other option menu buttons, optionMenu4 (the numerical  
> year that the user chooses), optionMenu5 (the numerical month the  
> user chooses) and optionMenu6 (the numerical day the user chooses).  
> These are subtracted from the first three optionMenu buttons.  
> However, when the user selects a date using the optionMenu4,  
> optionMenu5 and optionMenu6 and does not select the system date,  
> that is use the current date, the age for the year and day result  
> in negative numbers for year, which is the year entered and the  
> month entered, respectively.
> I don't understand why the optionMenu, optionMenu2 and optionMenu3  
> are not "initialized" despite showing the system date as numerical  
> year, month and day. By the way I have another script that is  
> triggered to compute the age when the user chooses the day of the  
> birth  date that is handled by sending a mouseUp message to another  
> button that takes the numbers from the option menus and does the  
> calculation.
> Here is the preOpenStack script:
> local tdate
>   put the short date into tDate
>   convert tDate from short date to dateItems
>   select line lineOffset(item 1 of tDate, btn "optionmenu") of btn  
> "optionmenu"
>   set the menuhistory of btn "optionmenu2" to item 2 of tDate
>   set the menuhistory of btn "optionmenu3"to item 3 of tDate
> The only times that the age is computed correctly is if the user  
> selects a diffferent date using the first three option menu buttons.
> Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated!
> Charles Szasz
> cszasz at mac.com
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