Unusual Problem

Charles Szasz cszasz at mac.com
Sat Dec 30 19:17:42 EST 2006

I am still having an unusual problem with setting the value of three  
menu option buttons. In the preOpenStack, I have a script which sets  
the value of three menu option buttons, optionMenu (system date for  
the year), optionMenu2 (system date for the month) and optionMenu3  
(system date for the day) when the first screen is presented to the  

I have three other option menu buttons, optionMenu4 (the numerical  
year that the user chooses), optionMenu5 (the numerical month the  
user chooses) and optionMenu6 (the numerical day the user chooses).  
These are subtracted from the first three optionMenu buttons.  
However, when the user selects a date using the optionMenu4,  
optionMenu5 and optionMenu6 and does not select the system date, that  
is use the current date, the age for the year and day result in  
negative numbers for year, which is the year entered and the month  
entered, respectively.

I don't understand why the optionMenu, optionMenu2 and optionMenu3  
are not "initialized" despite showing the system date as numerical  
year, month and day. By the way I have another script that is  
triggered to compute the age when the user chooses the day of the  
birth  date that is handled by sending a mouseUp message to another  
button that takes the numbers from the option menus and does the  

Here is the preOpenStack script:

local tdate
   put the short date into tDate
   convert tDate from short date to dateItems
   select line lineOffset(item 1 of tDate, btn "optionmenu") of btn  
   set the menuhistory of btn "optionmenu2" to item 2 of tDate
   set the menuhistory of btn "optionmenu3"to item 3 of tDate

The only times that the age is computed correctly is if the user  
selects a diffferent date using the first three option menu buttons.

Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated!

Charles Szasz
cszasz at mac.com

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