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Fri Dec 29 14:19:03 EST 2006

On 06/29/12 8:39 PM, "Stephen Barncard" <stephenREVOLUTION at>

Hi Stephan,

> as far as I can tell (having never tried Valentina, but briefly
> examining parts of Trevor's library) is that
> 1. Valentina uses standard SQL code, but adds many supersets commands
> of its own on top of the standard SQL dialect. Ruslan Zasukhin, the
> man who WROTE THE Valentina CODE, is on this list. I'm sure he can
> give you better advice about 'conversion' .

Valentina offer as as SQL way, so API way, so RevDB way on choice of
> 2. Trevor's library will handle connection and some conversion.
> Trevor's description would imply to me that it should just work.
> Trevor will have to describe what exactly happens internally...I just
> know that his lib made using sql in rev very easy.
> I still haven't used Valentina. I think I was eligible for a version
> during the last Revcon, but I could never find anyone that could
> point me to the right place to get it...Lynn? Ruslan?

Revcon vistors did get Valentina Office Server license, right?

What exactly is not clear to you? Where download Valentina archive?

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