mysql to valentina using libdatabase

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Thanks for the great explanation,
I already have mysql running locally(using xampp) for a rev application that
I have built and that works great I am now exploring valentina(for the fact
that I can deploy and not have the expense mysql) so I need to convert the
mysql database to valentina so was trying to get libDatabase working to help
me do the conversion. I tried to use valentina studio but have had problems
getting it to do the conversion.

So more specifically how are people using libDatabase to do a conversion of
a mysql database to valentina?

Robert Mann

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>ok so what is the best way to use libDatabase?
>Robert Mann

install a database or use one provided by your ISP. The ISP method
could be used if you've never installed a db. Dreamhost is one such
provider. Or go to and download a version of mysql to
install locally on your machine or on another machine on your
network. Versions of mysql can be downloaded free, however
professional deployment and use must be licensed $$.

if you've done this, then get a SQL client like Navicat (paid) or
CocoaMySQL(free, mac only) to create populate and talk to your
database. This will make it easier to then script your sql commands
and test results. It also helps to see what's happening when your
scripts don't work.

Get the example database and scripts from Trevor's site. import the
simple data to the database, then explore. Eventually you can replace
all the functionality in those clients with your own code. For
instance, you could make a simple stack with two fields, one with
your SQL statement, and one to show the results.

Sarah at Trozware has a couple of stacks that have worked well for me
for getting started. Her stacks use the built in rev database hooks,
but do not use Trevor's libraries.

This stack provides a GUI for testing connections to MySQL databases.
It does basic queries as well as editing of tables and records. Not
intended for long term use, but I found it helpful when starting to
learn about MySQL.

This stack is a simple client for communicating with MySQL servers
either on your own computer or remotely. It accepts any MySQL command
and displays the results in a simple text-based table form. It is
supposed to be similar to the client available when using OS X's
Terminal, but does not require that the client & server be installed
on your computer.



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