Rev's Portability

Robert John Warren bobwarren at
Fri Dec 29 07:47:54 EST 2006

Jim Ault wrote:

>I think you need to look at several solutions to the cross platform issues,
as well as your pendrive solution.

Oh, most certainly, Jim. But for a number of applications, it would be a useful solution.

Jim Ault wrote:

>I believe you are booting from the
pendrive, which will not work in any of my needs.  My programs need to run
while other native programs run (Excel, FoxPro, Stata, Entourage, Photoshop,
Timbuktu, and many more).  This means that Linux is not an option for me.

Fair enough. But as you get into Linux you will see that the other native programs already have quite good substitutes. Open Office for example is really very good. Like many others, I keep my Windows around so that I can continue to use programs like Photoshop. Photoshop's Linux clone ("Pixel") for example is still in beta, but I imagine (hope) it won't take too long to be ready for productive use.

For many reasons, Windows is no longer an option for me. After my recent experiences I wouldn't dare using it for anything connected to the Internet for instance. It is SO good to be free of viruses and spyware in Linux! For me personally, that is sufficient to justify Linux's use. But of course, that is not the case of everybody (at least not yet). We all have different needs in different situations and at different times. What could be more natural and normal in this diverse world of ours? Whether or not we see alternatives as options is not always entirely determined by the objective reasons we choose to put forward. We often have deeper reasons for the choices we make. But please don't take it that I am speaking about you specifically! We all do it.

Jim Ault wrote:

>Yes, path names is one of the issues, but is easily handled.

I wish I always found it so easy as you portray! For an extreme example, please see my picture chooser widgets at . These widgets are for Windows and for Linux. I couldn't produce a Mac version because I don't possess a Macintosh computer (they are too expensive in Brazil). The very fact that, different to Linux, Windows computers often have multiple logical drives makes direct translation of the file systems absolutely impossible. I think this issue depends on exactly what programs we are talking about.

In sum, the only thing I want to point out is that Linux is a useful addition to many people in a number of situations (or to "some" people in "a few" situations if that is what one's political rhetoric requires). The idea that Linux is best avoided (not your general implication!) is really rather silly. It's out of date.


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