Bugzilla down - Revzilla loses its mind

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 24 11:08:55 EST 2006

In my desire to experiment with trying to be brief, I hit "Send" too soon:

Bill Marriott wrote:

> And don't forget that you would not be supporting TWO interfaces 
> (since you agree the Web one couldn't be avoided).

In this case you would only support one.  Ken Ray supports the other.

In all the many words about why Rev is a bad choice for Internet apps, 
you didn't answer this:

     I don't think anyone's every advocated ditching the
     web UI for the database, but as long as Revzilla is
     appreciated at RunRev why not just bundle it in the
     Plugins folder?

That's all I was asking for, that and the reinstatement of a list of 
cool third-party goodies for Rev at their site that is large enough to 
include Revzilla (the current portrayal of third-party offerings gives 
the impression that the installed base is much smaller than it is).

> When Marcus gets back from his vacation, I plan to send him a new GIF for 
> the title bar that pushes the logo/text down a couple pixels. That's a 
> 4-second effort on his part to just replace the image on the server and zero 
> impact to end users. There was no need to invent the mechanism to do that; 
> no need to test or debug it; no version control overhead. It just works. 
> Hard to get much easier than that.

You can use URLs in the fileName property of images and they get 
downloaded on preOpenCard, handy for exactly the same reason.

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