Access text file on a network

David Bovill david at
Sun Dec 24 00:17:40 EST 2006

If you can see the network drive from the local computers finder / windows
explorer - ie because the network drive is mounted then Rev can use the
systems file dialogue to locate this for you:

  answer file "Choose network file..."
  put it into someFile
  if someFile is empty then exit to top

If this is not the case you need the network comuter to send the info about
what files and folders are there to the local computer and therefore Rev -
for instance by having the files served by ftp - then using Revs built in
ftp commands or by having the files served by a local web server (Apache on
OSX) and fetchi the urls that are displayed in the web browser to get a
directory listing...

Hope that gives you some pointers... otherwise you can have tow Rev apps
talking to each other over sockets...

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