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Lynn Fredricks lynn at
Fri Dec 22 17:57:30 EST 2006

> Is it merely a coincidence that e-on Software's mailing 
> address is the same as yours?

Curious indeed :-)

Some background - I own a business development company (we just had our 10th
anniversary last year) among some other ventures - our specialty is "opening
doors" across borders. My company launched e-on software USA 5+ years ago
and developed their business both in North America and in Japan. E-on
software's HQ is in Paris. At the time, Bryce was king of the hill in 3D
natural scenery, but we managed to balance the scales there a bit ;-) We got
them to the point where they could stand on their own in North America. We
have an ongoing business relationship with e-on, but more importantly, I
also consider the CEO a good friend. Their office is in the same building
because that's where I planted them :-)

I know Chipp is an avid user of Vue, as am I. In fact, Chipp's 3D artwork he
made with Vue was featured on a Sci-Fi Channel website! His knowledge of Vue
certainly surpasses mine.

They just released Vue 6 (I don't have mine yet) and word on the street is,
there will be a Vue 6 Revealed Book out soon (I have the Poser book in that
series, and its excellent).

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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