Developer's Conference in Vegas?

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Fri Dec 22 03:45:46 EST 2006

OK, I suppose I should chime in here since I live in the desert city we are
talking about.  Yes it is hot, but the mega casino complexes are like small
cities with air conditioning.  The evenings are not bad at all, and mornings
are glorious.  At our home we often eat dinner outdoors (and my wife is from
the UK and is bothered by the heat during the day)

There are so many activities and venues that do not involve gambling.

I used to vacation in Monterrey and Carmel, and I lived in Portland for 10
years, so I know summer is definitely more comfortable there.  As far as
being used to the heat, yes that is true.  I have lived here for about 13
years.  I do play tennis in August, and sometimes in the afternoon... slow
relaxed tennis, but tennis.

I think that a Rev conference would good anywhere, since the focus is on
learning and not just surrounding activities.

Hey, if it comes to pass, pool party at my house :-)

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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