Mac OSX speech applescripts not active

Joshua Snyder joshua at
Wed Dec 20 23:51:15 EST 2006

So,   I now have applescript working to interact with my  
application,  However, I want to use applescripts as Application  
spsific speakable items,   now in order to do to do this,  you simply  
create a folder within the speakable items folder that corresponds to  
the application name,  and then any applescripts placed within that  
folder are considered speakable commands for that application only.    
and in fact that list is dynamic (you can add or remove commands just  
by adding or removing files).

So,  that's how it's SUPPOSED to work....

However,  for both my application, AND the Rev IDE, no speakable  
items register as application specific speakable items,  and I am at  
a loss to find out why or how to fix it.... I have tried to troll the  
Apple Applescript forums, with no success.

I have tested, and the commands I want to use are recognized as  
speakable for other applications.   and other applications  
application spsific speakable items do work for the other  
applications,  so it seems that it is something lacking in Rev and my  
standalone in tearms of "registering" as a speakable application  
perhaps?   or somehow otherwise not being recognized by the speech  

for whatever reason... it is being maddening.


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