Solstice solicitations!

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Wed Dec 20 13:38:58 EST 2006

Well, Todd Higgins has "put his foot right in it"-
which, by long-time habit is my prerogative on the RR
use-list :)

I am not a "Republican" in the sense I think he means
to use that word; i.e. a supporter of the Republican
party in the United States of America.

I also feel that his long-winded 'thing' resembles the
snake that swallowed its own tail; or the badger that
built a burrow in its own ****.

And, this is the whole problem about political
correctness - in an attempt not to either offend
anyone or give them a 'handle' to sue you by, you end
up saying nothing, and any good wishes that may have
been buried somewhere in the morass of your verbalisms
are lost.

I know for a fact that the Runtime Revolution use-list
has as long-term contributors a Hindu swami and
several born-again Christians (I fit into neither of
these categories) - I haven't noticed any "prickles"
from either "camp" - and why there should be, I don't

Dear Todd,
  I hope you have a jolly good Christmas, whether you
are Christian or not!

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


"Its time to do Philosophy and stop worrying about what dead men said."
                                                                                           Mathewson 2006

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