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Geir A. Myrestrand geir.myrestrand at falconstor.com
Tue Dec 19 10:24:04 EST 2006

jbv wrote:
> Stephen,
> Your remark makes sense, but let me know how to open a
> PDF document in Acrobat Reader from a Rev script...
> For the moment I'm using Rev 2.5 and am in a hurry to
> complete a small app for a client that will run on Windows
> only and needs to open a PDf file... If anyone happens to
> be in a similar situation, then PDF2EXE is useful...
> JB

This was discussed on the list a few days ago under the topic "launch 
doc with app".

It should be something like this:

get shell("start" && tFilePath)

You need to wrap quotes around the path if it contains spaces.

You should not force the use of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, just let 
the OS handle the application used to view the PDF file. The Windows 
shell will launch the associated application if you execute "start 
<doc>" or just "<doc>" where <doc> is the document you want to launch.


Geir A. Myrestrand

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