Fun with Icons on Linux

Robert John Warren bobwarren at
Tue Dec 19 09:54:32 EST 2006

Peter Alcibiades wrote:

>And finally, the Linux development people don't seem, my casual impression, to 
be very oriented towards RR type stuff.  They are much more hard core.  
Whenever you read the FAQ on the rapid development packages, they always seem 
to start out by noting key contrasts with C.  So its not clear if there is an 
appropriate RR Linux developer market.  

A static way of looking at markets is to consider what they ARE.
A more positive way of looking at markets is to realize that they are also MADE.
To launch an important and promising RAD system for Linux which is riddled with bugs is NOT the way to MAKE a market. To neglect it for years on end is also NOT the way to MAKE a market.

The highly expert programmers who helped create Linux probably don't need RAD solutions like Rev very much. Ordinary people (i.e. the new Linux users) DO need RAD solutions, and Rev is the best one I know - by far. That's why its neglect is so tragic. 

Bob Warren

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