Problem with BinaryEncode and variable params

Bryan McCormick bryan at
Sat Dec 16 11:06:14 EST 2006


I am a bit baffled here. I have seen many sample scripts where variables 
are passed as parameter to binaryEncode (in my case, for imageData) but 
no matter how I try to pass the known numeric values, the compiler 
throws an error.

For example:

take a string of the form 0,206,0 as returned from the color picker, 
let's call this tColors

Then I put each value into a separate param

put item 1 of tColors+0 into c1

put item 2 of tColors+0 into c2

put item 3 of tColors+0 into c3

(I added the +0 to make sure the var was seen as a number, I tried it 
without as well with the same error)

Then I call:

put binaryEncode("CCCC",0,c1,c2,c3) into varNewImageData

and it fails.

I tried to pass all the params as a quoted string, concatenated, you 
name it I have tried it.

It's likely dead simple. But for the life of me I cannot get it.

This is in 2.7.4

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