Storing credit card data

Richard Miller wow at
Thu Dec 14 07:39:32 EST 2006

Looking for suggestions on how to safely store credit card data. It  
needs to be an automated process so that the card can be charged  
monthly and it needs to happen from within Rev (i.e. can't use a  
browser). Here's the scenario.

1. User enters their card number in our Rev app (from their home or  
work computer)

2. For most of our services, we securely process their service charge  
and immediately discard the card number.

3. We're now starting up an optional monthly service. We need to take  
that card number, store it, then bill the user each month. It should  
be a fully automated system, not requiring our staff to enter a  
password or anything else for the periodic charges to be billed.

4. We're using our own servers for data storage.

Richard Miller
Imprinter Technologies

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