I want money.

chris raj godhuman at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 13 10:35:51 EST 2006

I just thought of an idea. Create 1 million website with some 30 pages of 
content and place adsense. Lets say each website only produce USD1.00 in 1 
year, I would have one million dollar :)

How that sounds? If spoke to my friends about it. You know the problem is 
creating 1 million website. Even if you get a team of people and work 
together, it will take ages. But you know, the good thing about that idea is 
that even if I do it slowly let say I take 10 years to complete the project 
(creating 1 million website) , you would be a millionaire. Of course if you 
create a new domain name for each site its costly, so I figured maybe one 
can use sub domain name from one  main domain.

Just imagine if if you find a team of people and complete that project and 
each website reward you with a minimum of USD100 per year X 1m websites = 
100 million dollar hahaha.. great eh :)

I always thought to myself,  a good business is a business that requires a 
very very super minimal investment yet can return super super maximum R.O.I  

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>Its very simple :-)
>1) new idea (and not the silly one, but something at least 20% of 
>will appreciate)
>2) global market
>3) you have to be the first with that idea
>once 1) 2) and 3) works and your site uses up all the allocated bandwidth
>you can sell pixels on your website for advertising say 10 USD per 1 pixel
>per month.
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>Subject: I want money.
>Ok everyone wants money. I am not excluded. So what is the best way to earn
>money online? Any ideas? Please share.
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