Streaming video and Rev

Mark Talluto userev at
Tue Dec 12 10:53:01 EST 2006

On Dec 12, 2006, at 5:08 AM, Richard Miller wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Thanks for the heads up on the Rev bugs pertaining to streaming  
> video. That helped me work around them.
> I found an excellent firm to stream our videos for $25/month  
> ( Setup took 10 minutes. Rev was happily  
> streaming the files shortly thereafter. Seems to work fine on  
> Windows and Mac.
> Richard

Hi Richard,

I have not run my tests on 2.7.4 yet.  Looks like I need to run my  
tests again.  I will update Bugzilla with my findings.  Glad it has  
all worked out well.


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