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Mon Dec 11 10:37:18 EST 2006

>Indeed it would. Where's the upside for you?  What does this company 
>bring to the table to make it worth your while?
>Is it unquestionably worth more than your lost sales?
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Managing Editor, revJournal

Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions, both public and private.

I emailed the fellow back and pretty much said something to that 
effect.  That based on my understanding of what he wanted, it could 
destroy my own software sales, and that I would not even consider 
such a proposition without a very large price tag attached.  I 
actually did calculate such a price tag for my own benefit, but did 
not present any numbers to him.  I do not expect to hear back from 
him, but you never know.  Presumably he will move on to the next 
shareware developer and may have better luck.

The formula I used was very simple:  the amount of money that the 
software currently owes me for time invested and not yet paid for, 
plus the yearly income it produces times five.

Would I sell rights to the software?  At the right price, yes :-)

Gypsy King Software
Mac and Windows shareware games

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