Problem opening two stacks at once

Stgoldberg at Stgoldberg at
Sun Dec 10 14:04:12 EST 2006

Perhaps someone can help with the following problem:
I have a stack titled "MM Inv 2006.rev" which I have used to create invoices 
for my company in 2006.   It contains about 3000 invoice record cards and a 
number of substacks. It's worked out really well.   Now that 2007 is near, I 
created an identical stack titled "MM Inv 2007.rev"   minus the invoice record 
cards for a fresh start to 2007.   While the 2007 stack is open, I'd like to 
also access the records from the 2006 stack.   However, if I try to open the 2006 
stack while the 2007 stack is open by clicking on the 2006 stack icon, I get 
the message "A stack with the same name as the one you are trying to load is 
already open" with the options to "Save", "Purge" (bad move as it removes all 
data from one of the stacks!!) or "Cancel". 
Right now the only way I can think of to   access the records from both 
stacks is to close Revolution and then open Revolution again by clicking on the 
alternate stack.   Is there a better way, without having to close Revolution?   
I'd prefer not to change the names of the main stack or substacks since they 
appear throughout the scripting and this would create confusion and likely 
mistakes in the scripting process. Any suggestions?   Thanks.
Steve Goldberg

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