exporting images with a transparent background

paolo mazza paolo.mazza at neol.it
Sun Dec 10 13:39:48 EST 2006

Dear Friends... I got a problem  importing images with a transparent
background... can you help me on this?

1- I imported a picture (png file made by another program) into revolution

2-I modifyed the image with the eraser tool and I got an area with a
trasparent backgroung (as expected)

3- I exported this image as png

4- I imported this emage again, and in MACOS the trasparent background is
white and the in WINDOWS the transparent backgound is black.

How can I fix this?

In addition :

- when I import images with trasnparent background made by other programs
i get a white backgound

- when I draw a picture in revolution  with a transparent backgorund,
export it and import it again.... It works fine ... I get a transparent


Paolo Mazza

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