Beginning Programming for Dummies 4th edn

Dan Shafer dan at
Sat Dec 9 14:47:02 EST 2006

On 12/9/06, Adrian Williams <adrian at> wrote:

I hope you do get chance to revisit the 'Speed..' book.
> Many page layout apps. InDesign and Quark XPress included
> have automatic Index makers. Yes, they catch-all instances,
> but judicial editing solves this. Perhaps an IndexOnly-eBook?

Microsoft Word, which is what I was using as my word processor when I wrote
the book, does this, too, but you have to jump through so many hoops that
it's tremendously simpler to do it manually. Besides which, of coure, a
manual index is more flexible and more likely to be accurate and usefeul
than any non-intellilgent indexing software (and probably even intelligent
indexing software).



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