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baleareninsel at baleareninsel at
Fri Dec 8 06:14:46 EST 2006

Holá everybody,

Working with RunRev 2.7.4

I have a table objekt which shows me selected adresses from a MySQL Database. #-> works fine

in a field script I´m using the command:

put the selectedtext of me into var1
set itemdel to tab
put item 1 of var1 into Cstm_nrr #-> which is also correct and works fine

But, and that´s the question:
How to open a new (existing) Card to show the datas behind the customernumber

I think I can´t mix SQL with "RunRev" variables otherwise I would say in the Database query builder:

SELECT * from Customers where customernumber = Cstm_nr 

Thank you all for a helping hand


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