Multi-standalone communication

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Thu Dec 7 18:19:58 EST 2006

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> Richard Miller wrote:
>> The computer in question is not set up with networking.

You can do a very quick UDP working test --
Download Alex Tweedly's companion stacks from Rev Online,
UDP Echo Client  &  UDP-based Echo Server both in one Rev IDE on either a Mac or Win and in three mouse clicks
watch it work with client and server action.  No internet or LAN required
for same machine operation.

I use this for same-machine and same-Local-network and wide-area-network.

Basically it is like file writing
--send from app A --
open datagram socket ""
write "text for another app, from userEntry" to socket ""

--listen in app B --
open datagram  socket "4545" with message "gotSumtin"

on gotSumtin host, socket, messageSent
  put messageSent -->( "text for another app, from userEntry")
end gotSumtin

LAN would need the IP of the listening machines
WAN would need IP of the routers (static IP's) to send

To send to more that one app on one machine
open datagram socket ""
write "text for another app" to socket  ""

open datagram socket ""
write "text2 for another app" to socket  ""

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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