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 That did the trick. Thanks

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Here is a simple demo that shows the use of startValue, endValue and  

on mouseUp
   repeat with x = (the startValue of scrollbar 1) to (the endValue  
of scrollbar 1) step 200
     set the thumbPos of scrollbar 1 to x
   end repeat
   set the thumbPos of scrollbar 1 to the endValue of scrollbar 1 end

This works fine with a default scrollbar, but you probably will want  
to change the startValue and endValue in the property inspector and  
might then want to change the size of the steps. You can also  
entirely remove the steps.




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Op 7-dec-2006, om 21:48 heeft jhonken het volgende geschreven:

> I've put a Progress bar in my application.  Can someone tell me how to

> set the "Current value" of it. It looks like runrev calls it a
> scrollbar
> and I've read about thumbposition but I'm not sure if thats whats used
> or not.  It seems not to work when I try setting it.  It errors.  Any
> help would be greatly appreciated.
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