Image question

Mark Smith mark at
Thu Dec 7 09:03:13 EST 2006

Hi all, I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to handling images,  
icons and so-on.

I've downloaded some good freeware icons ( 
downloads.html)  for an app I'm making, and they're in the form of  
folder icons ie. a bunch of empty folders which show their icons in  
the finder (I'm on OS X).

If I "get info" and copy the icon from the the finder  info window  
and then paste onto my stack using "paste image", I get an apparently  
empty image. If I use iconoghrapher to open the icon, and then copy  
it, and "import image as control" in Rev, I get the image, but it's  
background rectangle is white in some cases, or half the image is  
invisible in others. This is to do with masks and alpha data and  
stuff which I don't currently understand, I guess.

Can anyone suggest the easiest way to get these icons into my stack  
such that they display properly?

Thanks for any help,


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