Forgotten variables

Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Wed Dec 6 07:11:00 EST 2006

when declaring global variable, it should be declared as global in every
handler or function it is used like this: 
on doThis 
global var1 
put 1 into var1 
end doThis 
on doThat 
global var1 #!!!! 
answer var1 
end doThat 
otherwise handlers can not see var1 even if it is global in one of them,
because the other assumes by default that it is local... 
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Subject: Forgotten variables 
Hello everybody, 
Using RunRev 2.7.4, 
I declare 
on preopenstack 
global var1 var2 var3 var4 
put "my variable" into var1 
end preopenstack 
Now, in another card, I would like to use var1, but var1 is empty. Does
someone know why? where is my fold? 
best regards and Thanks in advance 
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