best downloading architecture - vote 1, 2, 3 or 4

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Dec 6 01:51:10 EST 2006

I like this, Richard. It gets my vote. Thanks for sharing it.

Phil Davis

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Josh Mellicker asked:
>> What is your vote?
>> 1
>> 2
>> 3
>> 4
>> 5. none of the above
> 6: The application is installed with everything it needs to run. Updates 
> can come in over the wire later, but once the installer has run it's 
> ready to go, right then and there.  You'd be surprised how many folks 
> download installers and run them later, and later might be on a train or 
> a plane or a spaceship to Mars.  Why punish the affluent traveling 
> customer when you could be catering to that desirable demographic 
> instead, for the low cost of a convenient experience for everyone else.
> When updates are checked, all user interface elements are able to be 
> updated.  The splash screen is a user interface element, and as subject 
> to change as anything else, so the only thing in the standalone is an 
> error dialog which no one should ever see unless Something Very Bad 
> happens during install, in which case the user won't be able to see 
> anything other than the first card of the mainstack anyway -- might as 
> well make it count.  If boot goes well I can hide that and move on to 
> load the rest of the components.  No UI in the standalone means all UI 
> can be updated.
> I guess if this needs a name we could call it "Complete Install with 
> Anchor Stack".
> I'm sure there's a 7, 8, 43, 1544, and more, but #6 is just what I do.

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