Thank you for all of the help

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Tue Dec 5 15:25:19 EST 2006

Cool !!
So how did we all do on the psych test part?  I would imagine highly
schizophrenic with singular and multiple personality disorders.

The Orderly Disagreement Quotient was probably up there as well.

Hopefully your grade was excellent.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 12/5/06 10:28 AM, "Ben Bock" <benbock at> wrote:

> I wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank You" for the good-hearted support, sharp
> advice and incredibly instructive sample scripts, links, and trouble-shooting
> I received from the participants on this list.  I completed a doctoral
> dissertation standalone ~36 stack Rev program in episodic eyewitness memory
> that administers, scores, and stores information from 25 separate
> questionnaires and psych tests and 5 video clips, and totals 88 MB in size.
> It runs smoothly and cleanly.  Clerical errors should be nonexistant.  It is
> divisible into components for follow-up research.  The early scripts were
> bulky but functional, and the later scripts were lean and mean.
> It would have cost me many thousands of dollars to have someone make it for
> me, and probably would not have been right.
> I was especially helped by: David Bergun, Mark Chia, Eric Chatonet, Jim Ault,
> Sarah Reichelt, Klaus Major, Dennis Brown, Phil Davis, Robert Brenstein, Ken
> Ray, Rob Cozens, J. Landman Gay and a few others whose names I've lost.
> As I scroll through all my stored emails and clips from the user list, I see
> how much was built upon the help from these people.
> Thank you, and Best Regards,
> Ben Bock
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