Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Dec 2 07:48:39 EST 2006


I am unable to catch the scriptParsingError message. I have tried  
backscripts, frontscripts and other places in the message hierarchy,  
with and without script debug mode turned on. I have even tried  
removing the scriptParsingError handler from Rev's front script.

If I set the script of the object to the following handler

on scriptParsingError theErr
   put "Error:" & cr & theErr
end scriptParsingError

and then try setting its script by executing

on mouseUp
   set the script of btn id 1032 to "on mouseUp" & cr & "  set the  
bla to foo" & cr & "end mouseUp"
end mouseUp

still nothing happens.

The docs say about the scriptParsingError message: "Sent to an object  
when its script cannot be compiled." So, I assume this message should  
always be sent, regardless of the way the script of the object is  
set. Also, the message should be sent to the object and should then  
be passed up the message hierarchy, while it should not be caught by  
any front script. The docs don't mention any circumstances which  
cause the message not to be sent.

Bugzilla says this has been fixed

but the problem persists in Rev 2.7.5-dp-2.

Is there something I am missing?



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