Revolution and the Web, feedback wanted, Part 1 of 3

Mikey mikeythek at
Fri Dec 1 14:49:37 EST 2006

> XCode and Visual Studio ARE similar. And MetaCard and RR are as close
> as it gets! Back to the original comparison, Google Web Toolkit and
> Morfik both provide frameworks to write AJAX apps in Java and export
> to HTML/Javascript. They are competing products... it has even been
> rumored that Google secretly stole Morfik's technology and will get
> sued. How can you possibly say they are not similar? How much more
> similar can you get when there is speculation that they are the same
> technology?
The second comparison was bad (MC and RR).  I was under the impression
that MC was pretty junky, but I've never used it.  However, in my
experience XCode is significantly harder to use to build forms than VS
is.  So, how about this, because this is more like it:  GWT is more
like using a text editor to build web pages, and Morfik is more like
using a RAD tool to build web pages.  How's that?  Google isn't as
tied to the OS (one would assume that's deliberate), but it isn't as
easy to use, either.

I'll say it again as far as them being "similar".  1) Graphical form
editor - Morfik only.  2) PDF report output - Morfik only (this is a
bit unfair since you can't draw the forms in GWT anyway, but it's a
very neat trick for me).  3) Languages - GWT is Java only, Morfik is
Java, C#, Basic, and Pascal, and if I have my way some xTalk
variation, but who am I? 4) Tightly integrated database design,
interaction, and output - Morfik only.  5) Tightly integrated web
server - Morfik only. 6) Cost - GWT - free as in beer, Morfik - Free
for non-commercial use, $17xx until sometime (next March?), then
$5,000 (at least that's what they're saying right now)

As far as threatening suit, I'm relatively sure that Linux isn't very
similar to Windoze, regardless of what you think of KDE or Gnome, yet
M$ is claiming that Linux incorporates Windoze IP.  How many suits
have there been over iPods and other music players?  Do you really
think those competitors are the same thing?

> Or are you arguing that web hosts DO typically allow you to run huge
> custom EXEs with embedded databases and web servers?
> Or that custom EXEs that merge web app, database, and web server in
> one file are scalable and/or upgradeable?
The sales pitch is simpler than the reality.  You CAN tie it all
together.  However, you also have the option of using external data
sources (that's discussed in the Professional literature, I believe),
or cranking a server farm.  The last one was detailed on somebody's
web site recently.  Salesforce?  I don't remember whose.

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