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Working on windows.
The function "put driverNames" is not usable on windows.
=> Where to get the driverName usable in runrev with the directive "open driver xyz"?

Perhaps there is a solution for runrev on windows with the open driver syntax, but where can I get the driver name from?

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Subject: USB/Serial issue (19-Nov-2006 3:15)
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Jean-Jacques Wagner can't seem to post to some of the lists he 
subscribes to, so has asked me to post this for him. He can read your 
answers, he just can't generate posts right now. I've told him Rev 
doesn't natively support USB access but it isn't clear to me what he is 
using as an interface, so maybe someone has comments about the post below.

I use to write/read string through the USB Port using a FTDI device. It 
seems to me that the serial port write/read commands does not work as it 

a) write to USB
open driver name for binary update
write var to driver name
(read from driver name until empty)
close driver name

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