Socket timeout not working with libUrl

Frank Leahy frank at
Sat Jan 29 05:12:23 EST 2005


Unfortunately there's two types of being "disconnected".  One where 
you've no net connection at all, and one where you're on a LAN, but not 
connected to the Internet.  Here in Cornwall I have only modem access, 
so I've a LAN but no net connection most of the time, which is how I 
stumbled across this problem.

The issue appears to be how Mac OS X does DNS lookups.  The routine 
"lookupd" appears to be the culprit, and RunRev would need to modify 
how they call it to make it non-blocking.

-- Frank

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> Subject: Re: Socket timeout not working with libUrl
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>>    2) If I open the socket with a domain address, e.g.
>>, Mac OS X does a DNS lookup, puts up the rainbow
>> rotating color cursor, and hangs until the DNS lookup fails.  On my
>> machine this takes 60 seconds (apparently it's dependent on how many
>> dns servers you have listed).
> What happens if you try:
>    hostNameToAddress("")
> and use the result of that as the address for opening the socket?
> In my tests, this takes about 4 seconds the first time it is called if
> I am connected (which is long enough for the SPOD to appear). When I am
> disconnected, it fails instantly and return empty.
> Sarah

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