Databasing with Rev... design considerations

docmann docmann at
Mon Jan 31 23:45:11 EST 2005

> The internal as you call it solution will surely work. It will be
> tricky, though, to get anywhere close to performance that Valentina
> will offer when searching 25,000 records. Not mentioning allowing far
> more advanced search options without any effort.
> Robert

Hello Robert,
I suspect that you are right in that I'll be pushing pretty close to
"usable" limits with a table of this size. I'm guessing however that
since I don't need any advanced search features for this app, Rev will
be at least on par with the speed of my spreadsheet app or Windows
notepad's "find" option for the same data...

Worst case, I'll learn some new coding techniques with Rev before
having to look for an external solution. ;)


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