Databasing with Rev... design considerations

docmann docmann at
Mon Jan 31 22:50:40 EST 2005

> Valentina would work, but first I suggest you try an internal method as
> you suggest.
> Make a data stack, either as a separate stack file or as a sub-stack of
> your interface stack.
> You have 4 tables, so give it 4 fields and stick your data in them.
> If it is all comma separated, then it's easy to extract various items
> for display in the interface. Use the filter command to find certain
> records, taking care to filter a copy of the data, not the original as
> filter removes non-matching lines e.g.
> put fld "Table1" of stack "Data" into tData
> filter tData with "*" & tWordToFind & "*"
> put tData into fld "FoundRecords"
> When you build the app, if the data stack is a sub-stack, make sure you
> check the box that says, save sub-stacks as separate files. This means
> they can be written to and saved again.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
> sarahr at
Thanks for the heads up, Sarah. I'll definitely give it a try in that
direction. :)

As a newb, one of the things I've learned about using Rev so far is
that lacking a good understanding of it's capabilities can be more of
a difficulty than coding the actual solution.

...and the reason I read *everything* on this list. It's all good stuff!


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