How would I go about investigating .....

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Jan 31 20:45:04 EST 2005

I have a stack (actually, more than one, but they may all have a common 
ancestor) in which I can't effectively use the "Find and replace ..." menu.

When I'm in this stack, and select Edit / Find and replace...., and type 
in some search string, the following happens:

Set  "In" to be "This card", click "Find" and it very quickly says "2 
items found" (or 3, or 4 or ...)
Set "In" to "This stack", click "Find" and the status line says "Getting 
info ...", the rotating double-arrow shows and shows and shows .... and 
just keeps showing.

If I then change "In" to card, and click "Find" again, it will find it 
(so it's not 'stuck' in the search), but it never gets past "Getting 
info ...".

Any ideas ?
Anything suspicious I should look at ?
    (before I start deleting swathes of the stack at random to see if I 
can clear the problem).

-- Alex.

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