Dreamcard under simple user

Chris Sheffield revlist at cableone.net
Mon Jan 31 15:00:48 EST 2005

Hi Scott,

Not sure if you got an answer to this yet or not, as I'm a little late in
reading it.  But the problem is that the Dreamcard application does not have
an entry for CFBundleIndentifier in the info.plist file in the app bundle.
This has been fixed for a future release (see but #2232).  You can add this
manually to your info.plist file using the Property List Editor in the Mac
OS X developer tools (or even just a regular XML editor I believe; someone
correct me if I'm wrong on this).  Basically what you have to do is add the
entry for "CFBundleIdentifier" and assign it some unique value.

You might just take a look at some other app bundles on your system to get
an idea of what I'm talking about.  That's probably the easiest way.  Just
open the bundle for Safari, for example, then open the info.plist file in
Property List Editor and take a look at the value for CFBundleIdentifier to
get an idea of what to set the Dreamcard one to.  Once you've made the
change in the Dreamcard bundle, I believe it requires a reboot of the
machine before that gets recognized.  Then you should be able to make your
app privilege settings like normal.

Hope that helps.  Let me know if you need further details.

Chris Sheffield
Software Development
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  Here's a question for all of you Mac OS X users out there.  I am
trying to get a lab set up to teach Revolution in.  We are going to be
using Dreamcard under OS X 10.3.  Because of district policy, we have
to run under a limited user.  We have not yet bought the licenses, so
I figured we could use the trial version for a few classes.  I got a
trial license key, and installed Revolution on the computers while
running as an administrator and entered the license key.  We then set
up the user accounts so that they would be able to start Revolution
and logged in as the limited user.  However, every time we tried,
Revolution did not show up in the list of available programs.  The IT
guy there told me that we could not run trial versions of software
under limited users.
  Now, that is not a problem if Dreamcard will start up fine when we
get the actual license keys.  However, I want to be sure that it will
work before I go out there again and spend several hours trying to get
it to work.  Is there anyone out there that has gotten Revolution to
run successfully under a limited user in OS 10.3?
  Now, when I say limited user, I mean the really limited user.  I am
not sure if this is the correct name for the user type, but when they
log in, all they have on the dock are a few folders.  Bringing up the
applications folder only allows them to run the programs allowed by
the administrator.
  Thanks for any help!

Scott Slaugh
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