Martin Baxter martin at
Mon Jan 31 11:03:36 EST 2005

I wonder if it would be difficult for RR to make a module for PPC which
*only* built classic standalones. I mean no IDE or any of that, simply a
standalone builder that you could download. You would still need a Mac to
run it, and perhaps a valid license key for Windows or Unix, but you
wouldn't need to buy 2 copies of studio just so you could still build a Mac
classic standalone despite the fact that you do the development on windows.

Just musing aloud,

Martin Baxter

Frank D Engel wrote:
>Yeah, you need to be running on a Mac to produce a Classic standalone.
>Any other platform can be built from any of the platforms if you have a
>studio or enterprise license.
>On Jan 29, 2005, at 9:20 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
>> On 1/29/05 4:56 PM, "Ben Fisher" wrote:
>>> I'm using Rev 2.5 on Windows XP. When I open up the Standalone
>>> Application
>>> Settings, the "Mac OS" icon is grayed out. I'd like to be able to
>>> save as a
>>> Mac classic standalone. Is this still possible? I'd rather not have
>>> to use
>>> Dreamcard Player.
>> Sorry, OS 9 standalones can't be build on Windows because of the
>> resource
>> fork requirements that are stripped out under WIndows. OS X is
>> different
>> because everything is a file, but I haven't build any Mac apps on
>> Windows so
>> I don't know how well this works. The only way to create a Mac classic
>> standalone is on a Mac, AFAIK.
>> Ken Ray

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